Product Review: Hold Me Bag

January 24, 2012

Often the biggest challenge for makeup mavens isn’t what product or tool to use – it’s finding that product in a mess of a makeup bag. I hate digging as well, so I usually solve the problem by keeping my personal kit down to the absolute minimum. And if I don’t see it, I don’t use it.

Lucky for me, I got offered a Hold Me Bag to try. The Hold Me Bag was designed to be an elegant solution to small bathrooms, frequent moves, travel, and general makeup bag inefficiency.

The Hold Me Bag holds makeup and brushes separately – makeup and supplies get their own flat square zippered compartment, and brushes lay out in an orderly array. Open, the Hold Me Bag lays out all the supplies for easy access. Closed, it fits in a drawer, or packs easily into an overnight bag.

The brush side is cleverly designed, with a few extra pockets for shorter items like small pencils and tweezers. When the bag is closed brushes and tools are protected from jostling and fraying.


The Hold Me Bag is made of “Knew Suede”, a man made material that resists staining and has enough structure to provide some protection from jostling. The lining, a coated cotton in various prints, wipes clean. I was sent a sample with an Eiffel Tower print – the contrast from the black is both visually appealing and allows me to find my products easily.

The side pocket is good for flat items, and there is a liner in the main compartment that can be used to layer palettes or to place items on while the bag is in use. And you can slide things into the main compartment after the bag is tied together ( perfect for last-minute travel!)

I found the Hold Me Bag to be very well constructed, and I loved that I could access all my tools and products at a glance. I’m looking forward to traveling with it, since the travel bags I normally keep are not as well organized. I did test its spill resistance, and a foundation smear came off with a little dish soap as promised. And once I got the “schoolgirl’s bag” knot down, the tie closure became a pleasure to use – no velcro rips or plastic rustling!

If there is a perfect all-around makeup bag, the Hold Me Bag just might be it. It’s constructed to take abuse, yet is soft enough so makeup and tools don’t get too jostled. The Hold Me Bag keeps its order in different situations – perfect for anyone who carries their makeup around for work, travel, or auditions. And with the Hold Me Bag, I can not only see all my products, I can say goodbye to digging.

The Hold Me Bag – Available at, Alcone in New York, and at other select retailers.

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