Other People’s Makeup: Judith Childs

January 31, 2012

“Age is an interesting thing – you can be old at 30, antique at 60, or young at 90.” For Judith Childs, age is not an absolute. “It’s a matter of spirit.”

Judith, who manages the estate of her late husband, artist Bernard Childs, says that age differs according to time and place: “I turned thirty- and forty – while living in Paris. A twenty-year-old isn’t really considered interesting there. And I married an older man, so I never got ‘older’ myself until he died.”

Her beauty regimen is fairly simple: “I was blessed with good skin so I used to just wear lipstick. I’ve always used a lip brush – even in high school, where I got everyone there using one. I use some foundation now, as the need for it grows. I used to pluck my eyebrows until one day I said ‘to hell with this!’ I’m usually very neat, so one untidy thing is okay. I do dye them so they don’t disappear.”

For Judith, beauty also comes from health: “This all would do no good if I wasn’t active. I swim, have physical therapy once a week, do weights and balance training. Whatever I do I’m always running around. And enough sleep helps, if you can manage that!”

But that doesn’t mean that she’s telling her age: “If I give an actual number, people take my arm like I’m gonna fall down!”

Three Favorites:

Fran Wilson Mood Matcher Lipstick in Purple.

CoverGirl Fresh Complexion Pocket Powder Foundation in Classic Ivory.

Nivea Soft Moisturizing Creme.

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