Beauty Bytes: August 31, 2012

August 31, 2012

Image via WWD

Barney’s New York will be featuring iconic Disney characters as runway models in their upcoming Holiday windows, complete with new model-esque proportions. Yes, even Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck have to be be stretched and dieted for Fashion Week. But hey, if you or I were a cartoon character getting outfitted in custom Lanvin and Dolce & Gabbana, we’d want the illustrator to do a full makeover too.


  • Push Girl” Angela Rockwood has landed a modeling gig with Nordstrom. Rockwood was a model and actress before a brutal car accident left her paralyzed from the neck down. Now she has gained some use of her arms and hands, and works as an activist and spokesmodel with several organizations for the disabled. But it was submitting photos of herself to a casting agent that got her the job – Nordstrom had already been looking for models with disabilities for an upcoming campaign. PeopleStyleWatch.


  • The First Lady of the United States has many duties, one of which is to be an icon for other women. Showing that women can be intelligent, accomplished and powerful is hard enough, but when you’re a black woman, there are even more stereotypes to conquer. The portrait of a topless slave Michelle Obama on the cover of Spain’s Magazine de Fuera de Serie is not helping at all. The painting, a modern “controversial” version of Marie Benoist’s 1800 Portrait d’une négresse, will surely make the artist more famous, and false equivalencies should commence about artists defaming religion (especially Catholicism.) But women, especially black women, haven’t had the Church’s two thousand year head start on controlling their own iconography. Wild Beauty art & media criticism: this gesture merges with prevailing stereotypes rather than rebelling against them, entrenching visual cultural stereotypes. Also, it’s in poor taste.


  • Back to fashion: IMG Models has posted this video of illustrator Danny Roberts jazzing up their Spring/Summer 2013 Show Package/Model Book. Lots of fun (and candy too):


  • Vogue is celebrating their 120th anniversary! They’ll be going through their archive for lots of visual goodies to share, no doubt, but already they’ve posted this slideshow of their top ten cover models. Lauren Hutton graced the cover the most times, appearing on 26 covers. In more recent years celebrities with movies to promote have been edging out models. Kate Moss squeaks onto the list with a mere 8 covers. Vogue.


  • It’s easy to think from outside the fashion industry that models just stand there and look pretty, but when your face is representing brands and magazines, it’d be crazy not to wonder what it all means. In his documentary About Face: Supermodels Then and Now, Timothy Greenfield Sanders interviews sixteen of the most legendary supermodels, and finds out what they have to say about beauty, mass media, and aging. Libertas Film Magazine Co-Editor Govindini Murty interviews Greenfield-Sanders himself on beauty and intelligence, changing racial beauty standards, and the increased depersonalization and commercialization of the fashion industry in modern times. Huffington Post.


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