The Way We Wore: 80’s Hair

September 18, 2012

Hindsight is 20/20 – especially when it comes to hair. Anyone who participates in fashion trends has seen some of their favorite do’s turn into dont’s within a few years.


I recently came across Big Hair, a book of photos compiled from hairstyling books from the 80’s. While many of these looks were styled only for those “hair books” you see at salons, some of them were definitely popular in real life.


So I give you a gallery of a few of the best from the collection. Most of these – like the foxy feathered blowout above – were really popular, especially in high school. And the geometric cut that starts the gallery below? Someone in Brooklyn is getting this cut as we speak. And I’m not leaving out the guys, either: from mulleted hunks to the sulky new wave model, in the 80’s there were plenty of bad hairstyles to go around!



So which one of these would you have worn? And who do you think looks the foxiest?


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