Video: Billion Dollar Beauty at Huffington Post

October 9, 2012

How does globalization affect the beauty industry? Does it depersonalize us or could it “repersonalize” us? James Poulos, who covers politics and culture at Forbes, hosted this talk at Huffington Post, asking questions about organics, global beauty standards, the rise in beauty spending, and whether men should be wearing makeup.


The panel of experts includes me (in my first video appearance), along with representatives from the organic skincare community and a psychiatrist specializing in teen self-image. A lively conversation ensued on matters as varied as the lack of consistent standards in organic cosmetics to the formation of beauty tribes.


Enjoy the video and let me know: What do you think about these issues?



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  • massappeal October 9, 2012 at 9:23 am

    And I predict it will not be your last video appearance!

    Seriously Meli, you rocked—and more or less took over as the conversation went along. Not by talking over people (by the way, nice job of not letting people talk over you), but by exhibiting your broad and deep knowledge about beauty in the context of powerful social, economic, technological and political forces throughout human history.

    All in all, an illuminating conversation with an interesting panel of speakers. Thanks!

    • Meli October 9, 2012 at 11:21 am

      Thank you Luke! I was thinking that, as it was my first live video, if I could get the words out of my mouth I’d call it a success…turns out I’m not too shy about piping up when I know the subject!

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