Other People’s Makeup: Jennifer Fraser

February 26, 2013

jennifer_fraser“I’m into creativity in all its forms – writing, painting, dance, movement, and music. So I love makeup – I love all the colors.” Zaza‘s multi-instrumentalist Jennifer Fraser brings elegance to her craft: “I was raised by beautiful, elegant women, and was not let out of the house without lipstick. My mother was always beautiful and well-dressed.”


As half of one of Brooklyn’s up-and-coming dark wave acts, Jennifer enjoys the act of self-presentation. “There was a saying around my house: ‘Ladies of quality always look presentable.’ Fashion, beauty, and makeup are all part of that. But I love adornment in general. For most days I like to have some blush and lipstick on – it’s nice to have color, it feels more feminine. For shows I’ll do a Sophia Loren cat-eye, or a bright lip and a bronzer.”


Jennifer keeps her makeup stash in a drawer of an antique dresser in her bathroom. “There’s some organization,” she laughs. “I have a section for red lipsticks and a section for neutrals. I take my makeup off with coconut oil, and use it as as a body moisturizer. And I love fragrances too. I tend to wear fragrances I get compliments on. That way I know it’s working with my skin. Lately it’s a lighter one, which is unusual, because I usually go for more exotic scents.”


Having grown up in California’s Orange County, Jennifer’s adapted her routines to harsher New York winters: “I’ll wear a tinted moisturizer in the summer, but now I’m using RMS Beauty “un” cover up. I’ll use it where I need it. In the summer I wear a lot of rings and bracelets, but in the winter they get caught in all the layers. So in the winter I’ll wear brighter nails.”


And as a lifelong creative, Jennifer also has advice to share about the creative path: “I’ve found things I enjoy doing and pursued them as hobbies, then as careers. One thing’s led to another. You have to love what you’re doing – life is too short to dread anything!”


Three Favorites:

Hourglass Femme Rouge Lipstick in Icon.

RMS BEAUTY “Un” Cover-Up in 22 (medium).

Yves Saint Laurent ‘Rouge Pur Couture’ Lip Color SPF 15 in 001 Le Rouge.



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