Beauty Bytes: March 15, 2013

March 15, 2013

Scar Stories

Scars: we all have them, and we usually do our best to hide them – the damage makes us feel vulnerable. But there’s healing from telling others our stories. Esther Armah from Emotional Justice is inviting teens of color to share their “scar stories” as part of 30 Days of Fly, an initiative designed to help girls aged 13 to 25 recognize their individual beauty and strength. Launched on March 9, 30 Days of Fly includes a month of activities for teens to share stories, strength and inspiration, and to heal from emotional damage that is especially lavished on young women of color. Emotional Justice.


“It is inhumane to expect people to continually pull themselves up by their own ‘bootstraps’ without needing anything from anyone. That is what’s expected in a hyper-masculine culture where being needy for anything or anyone is weak, and holding emotions in is strong and righteous.” This wonderful quote is a tiny fraction of the fantastic essay on the current cultural undervaluing of women’s emotions, strengths, and abilities by Julie Daley at Unabashedly Female. Read it now. Unabashedly Female.


Dove’s Real Beauty campaign has gone interactive on Facebook, with an “app” that “allows” the user to “make over” those annoying belly fat spam ads. The “app”declares that by using it the user will send their one uplifting message to over 24 million women, displacing all those spammy diet ads. More disturbing perhaps is that the app also offers to send these messages to women thinking about certain things, such as love, beauty, careers, or travel. Maybe I’m just too small potatoes to know about Facebook’s mind reading capabilities with my $5 ad spend, but what’s going on here? I appreciate that Dove highlights diverse body types, but this overload of saccharine feel-good uselessness is a hot mess. Which is made even more unsightly by a press release stating that this “app” is being released to art directors (on Reddit!) to stop their “Photoshop abuse of women”.  Dove “Ad Makeover”. Brand Channel.


Are you dressing appropriately for work? Of course, appropriate dress is dependent on the “culture” of your workplace. Cassie Goodwin from The Reluctant Femme shares her experience on dress code and office politics in the sex industry at The Beheld. Working as a receptionist at various brothels and massage parlors, Cassie found that acting as gatekeeper within the sex industry created a certain space of power and freedom, as she was unequivocally “off the menu”. And on her own site she reveals that this place in the, um, pecking order was in some ways more powerful that her current administrative job, where she has to be way more polite at every level. The Beheld. The Reluctant Femme.



You say you want a tattoo, but you’re worried about the high cost? Why not do it yourself? It’s easier than you think to give yourself a (bad) tattoo – Hannah at XOJane shows you how it’s done by giving herself two of them. XOJane.



Makeup Museum Sweet Tooth

Makeup Museum Sweet Tooth

Pretty enough to eat: the Makeup Museum has a new exhibition, “Sweet Tooth:  Confections in Cosmetics and Beauty”. Tracing the history of confection inspired and flavored makeup and other cosmetics, the post includes vintage ads and displays of sweets-themed products. Hey, when is MAD or FIT going to give MM a show? We want this show in real life! Makeup Museum.


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  • MM Curator March 18, 2013 at 10:18 am

    Aw, thank you so much!! I’m blushing. 😀 I would dearly love to have a real-life show!!

  • Autumn March 21, 2013 at 4:22 pm

    Thank you for linking to Cassie’s post!

    I am pretty much done with Dove’s Real Beauty business. I believe their intentions are good, and I appreciate the diversity of tactics they’ve tried. But I feel like they’re a little too pleased with themselves as far as the saccharine aspect you identify–there’s something hollow about it. I’m hard-pressed to put it into words, and I don’t want to be reductive and say it’s just because at day’s end they’re still a company trying to sell us stuff, but…hmm. I need to think on this more. In any case, thank you for identifying it in this context!

    • Meli March 22, 2013 at 7:47 am

      Dove does their best, but there’s a demographic to reach, and a budget to be spent…it’s just that this particular outreach is so awful…and now that I’ve posted about it, Facebook is sending me an invitation to like them every time I log on…their mind-reading algorithms need some work, for sure.

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