Beauty Bytes: June 28, 2013

June 28, 2013

astronaut_wives_clubMove over, Real Housewives, you’re not the first celebrity wives: in the 1960’s, Americans were enthralled by the space age, and that fascination included the wives of the astronauts. These women were dressed by designers, photographed for numerous magazines, and even had tea with Jackie Kennedy at the White House. And they were expected to be paragons of domestic virtue as well, with perfect homes (and kitchens!) New York Times writer Lily Koppel has written a book on these proto-reality stars, and she chats with Allure about them here. Surely the creators of Pan Am are hovering nearby to put this on TV. Allure.



Now that we’re in the 21st century, being an “anything”wife isn’t really where it’s at (at least off reality TV). As women enter military service themselves, traditional preconceptions about femininity and strength come to the fore. Miyoko Hikiji served with the 2133rd Transportation Company during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 (before women were officially allowed on the front lines), and has now written All I Could Be: My Story as a Woman Warrior in Iraq. Aside from revealing the backstory of the changing roles of women in warfare, she’s also worked as a model in her native Iowa. And she gives Autumn at The Beheld an insightful interview about feminine identity in the war zone, stereotypes in military life and in modelling, and funny pajamas. The Beheld.



Wonder why you never hear anyone’s Grandmother talking about being a size zero when they were young? It’s because size zero is a result of Vanity Sizing, a technique of making people feel they’re a size smaller so they’ll buy more clothing. Started by upscale ready-to-wear lines, it’s now endemic, resulting in widespread confusion on clothing sizes between brands – and those size Zeroes and Double Zeroes. Kjerstin Gruys, who worked at Abercrombie & Fitch’s corporate headquarters as a young fashionista, breaks down the numbers behind different brands’ sizing, which isn’t just odd for women: H&M actually sizes up for men, giving a size 40 label to an actual waist measurement of 38 inches. Mirror, Mirror.



Body Shaming on the set of the Dove Campaign For Real Beauty? Yes, you read that right. XOJane.


A new item for the “Why Didn’t Anyone Think of This Before?” list: Nikki’s Magic Wand, a long, tiny squeegee-spatula to retrieve that last 15-20% of lip gloss, concealer, or even makeup clinging to the sides of a jar. Now that Chanel or Bite lip gloss’ CPW (Cost Per Wear) just got better. Gadget. Of. The. Year. Nikki’s Magic Wand.




In Pictures: Now that you’re pulling out your old favorite lip glosses, why not take a selfie and share? Or take a trip back in time, when vanity selfies required a photographer with film, lighting, and a soft-focus lens. Becca at Narcissista.Me reminisces about her 14-year old being-Morgan-Fairchild fantasy, and gives tips on taking your best glamour selfie.








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