Every Day is Halloween: 6 Frightening Makeup Tricks to Keep Year-Round

October 23, 2013

No doubt about it: Halloween is the biggest makeup night of the year. And Halloween makeup isn’t just about scaring other people – it’s the perfect time to try a look that’s scary to you, too.


But some Halloween makeup tricks are too good to be kept for just one night. Here are six scary makeup treats that could – or should – be used much more often:



Black Lip Gloss.  It’s not just for Goths – black lip gloss is a makeup artist trick that you can do, too. A light wash of black lip gloss tones a too-bright color and gives it depth – without muddiness. It’s also great on naturally red lips. And yes, you can go to town with a thick application for a big night out. (Try it over a purple lipstick for a deep, dense, rockstar effect.) The gloss pictured here is Femme Fatale from Armour Beauty, a line created by Lunachicks singer Theo Kagan. And as the shade is named after the Velvet Underground song, you’ll know it’s even cooler.

Armour Lip Gloss in Femme Fatale, at Beauty.com.






Colored Contacts. This is what I look like with Fairy Princess Eyes, courtesy of EyesBright in the UK. Changing your eye color like you change your lipstick isn’t exactly a thing yet, but it probably will be. The first thing I wondered when I put these contacts in was “do I need more makeup?” but I wanted to compare them to my everyday look, so that’s what you get here. The effect is pretty cool, though it’s more of a night look for full color changes, since the colored part of the lenses have to be opaque (and my pupils aren’t all that dilated during the day). But as for effects, green eyes are only the beginning – a full range of anime and cosplay lenses are now available in retail, so get ready to play.

Big Eyes Lustrous Green Contact Lenses from EyesBright.






Eye Makeup Tattoos. Complex makeup design in a stick-on form? It’s kinda cheesy, and kinda awesome. Mostly awesome. Trying a crazy new color would be so much easier when it’s all set up. And finicky eyeliners? Done. Okay, so it’s not going to be the perfectly customized perfect eye look, but these tattoos from Fright Night cost $1.99 each, so if you’re wondering how you look in a smokey purple eye, you can check it out for cheap before heading to Sephora. And the moustache tattoo? I’m saving that for Movember.


Revision 10/31/13! Okay, these may seem like a good idea, but the execution here is FAIL. I tried the red look for Halloween – the application was tricky, but doable. Yes, I know I’m a pro, but there are things anyone can do to make this work: wet the tattoo before you apply it so it can contour to the skin, and have a good black liner handy to fill in and make things even.


After I had succeeded in evening out the makeup, I decided I didn’t like it on my face, shapewise. So off it goes… at least that’s what I thought. Five passes of coconut oil later, it was still there – not fully, but in that mess of “I’ve had a couple laser tattoo removal treatments, it’ll look really good when it’s done” way. Fortunately for me, I’ve got a bottle of Detachol in my closet, which worked, but since that’s a heavy duty solvent for prosthetic adhesives, you who are not professionals may not have it handy.


This is a MAJOR FAIL. A general rule of makeup should be that if you buy a product in a drugstore, you should be able to remove it easily, with something from the next aisle at most. It’s wildly irresponsible to market products that adhere to the skin the way these do. I knew these were going to be a cheap thrill, I thought they would be comedy. But for some teenagers trying to get them off tonight, they’ll be a horror.


Fright Night Temporary Tattoos – at Drugstores Nationwide until they sell out.




Lola Frost


Living Out Your Fantasies Through Makeup. “Slutoween” jokes aside, Halloween makeup is usually the sexiest makeup we do all year. And that’s a shame, since we could get dolled up a lot more often. And have more fun that way. Burlesque performers have sidestepped this issue entirely, since glam is part of their every-night experience. Red Burlesque is a line of nineteen different shades of red lipstick, with names inspired by Burlesque Queens working the stages around the world. Boasting rich pigments and apricot kernel oil to keep color application smooth and non-drying, the colors run the gamut from fiery coral-red to rich plummy burgundy. Lola Frost is my favorite – I’m wearing it sheer in the green contact lens photo above, and full strength when I want to make an impact. And that it’s named after Vancouver’s Rock’N’Roll Flapper (whose blog is a fun read in itself) is a great back story.

Lola Frost lipstick from Red Burlesque.





Really Washing Your Face. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I don’t properly remove my makeup. I’m not wearing that much, so it’s not a big deal, right? I know what I should be doing every day, but it’s usually when I have a big makeup night that I properly clean my skin. It’s not New Year’s Eve, but Halloween can start one new resolution: to really wash our faces. St. Ives has gone even further on this, declaring November 1 National Scrub Off day. And they’ll be giving away $250 gift cards and St. Ives prize packs to promote it. Follow them on Twitter or Instagram for more info.

St. Ives Fresh Skin Invigorating Apricot Scrub at Drugstore.com.






Fangs. These are smaller, professional fangs, for day. Wear them to your next staff meeting to show you higher-ups that you’re serious about bringing in new business.

Scarecrow Subtle Small Professional Fangs.




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