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    Clarisonic Brush Wall Holder Tutorial

    June 6, 2016
    Finally, the Clarisonic brush mess has been tamed.

    Finally, the Clarisonic brush confusion around here has been cleared.

    As a makeup artist and all-around Beauty Professional, I have a lot of Beauty Stuff. And yes, I like to use it too. But a lot of beauty products are not designed with small spaces in mind.


    Take the Clarisonic – it’s a fabulous cleansing technology (my pores have never been happier) – but the sinuous curves of the device itself are clearly designed with a bathroom counter in mind. And the brushes create issues of their own – where do you keep them so they can dry properly, and how do you keep, say, more than one around?


    If you live in a New York City apartment, which I do, you may not have a bathroom counter – I don’t. So when I use my Clarisonic, I usually take the thing apart and leave the brushes to dry somewhere else the apartment, which kindof works, until I’m in the shower wanting to use them again. Where did I put that brush head?


    Well, I finally figured it out – at least for myself, and maybe for other tiny-bathroom users as well. I came across a substance called Sugru, which is a moldable, rubbery glue that dries semi-stiff and promises to fix all sorts of things:

    Sugru’s website offers lots of fixes and everyday hacks, which is why I bought the stuff in the first place. But then I realized – if I can mold it into any shape, can’t I mold it into something to hold my Clarisonic brushes? Probably. And I think I got it – it’s not all pretty, but here’s how I did it:


    First, I measured the inside of the brushes, and estimated where I’d want the “hooks”. I planned to have semicircular hooks that flanged outward to hold the brush backs from inside.

    Template from the inside of the Clarisonic brush. The curves are where I want the base of the "hooks".

    Template from the inside of the Clarisonic brush. The curves are where I want the base of the “hooks”.


    Then, I marked the wall using a dry erase marker. It’s pretty loose – dots where the brush head opening is, plus a few more dots where the “hooks” will go:

    Dry erase markers - they look innocent, but the mess will come.

    Dry erase marker dots – they look innocent, but the mess will come.


    Next, I got out the goo – Sugru comes in little packets – it’s kind of like a stickier play-doh. The “hooks” I made look like little ears sticking out – which is what’s going to hold the brushes. The marker bled into the Sugru (it comes in colors too, but I thought I’d need multiple packets for this so I stayed with White), and There are nail marks as well. You only have about 30 minutes tops to work with the product, so I let the small stuff slide.

    These little Sugru "ears" are (hopefully) going to make my life easier.

    These little Sugru “ears” are (hopefully) going to make my life easier.


    I made two sets of hooks, so I can have a body brush in there as well. I also put another small hook in (not shown) to hang a small puff or tool while I’m in the shower. All this from one packet!

    They look funny on their own, but wait....

    They look funny on their own, but wait….


    The hardest part was waiting – you’re supposed to wait 24 hours for the Sugru to cure into harder rubber. It’s not exactly soft (which wouldn’t be sturdy), but has just enough give to hold the brushes securely to the wall:

    After 24 hours, the Clarisonic brush holders are ready.

    After 24 hours, the Clarisonic brush holders are ready.


    So there it is! Now I can remove the brush heads in the shower and hang them to dry. I think my pores will like that.

    I should mention that Sugru is removable, so if you try this and don’t get it the first time (or if you need to move/remove these) you can do so. So if you have a Clarisonic and want to mount your brushes on the wall, don’t be afraid to try this out. And let me know how it goes!

    Amazon Links to Sugru and Clarisonic:

    Sugru Moldable Glue – White (Pack of 8)
    Clarisonic Mia 3 Facial Sonic Cleansing System, White

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