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    Future Perfect: 10 Anti-Aging Predictions for 2018

    January 11, 2018

    Helen Mirren for L’Oreal

    Every New Year is a perfect time to make plans to do everything differently – and then continue doing things mostly the same.

    Maybe that’s because life doesn’t change in a day – we accept opportunities as we see them, and usually one at a time.

    But when we’re pushing against the momentum of aging, it helps to have some extra info about what’s available, and even more information about what really works – or what is even doable.

    But there are some developments that have been happening in the background, and whether you’re planning to or not, you’ll likely be seeing more of them. So here are 10 predictions about anti-aging for 2018:

    1.   We won’t be calling it “anti-aging”. Allure magazine announced that they have banned the term “anti-aging” from their magazine. Some of this is “aging-positive” (after all, the announcement was accompanied by Helen Mirren as cover model), but this doesn’t mean that creams won’t be targeting specific signs go aging. Terms like “smoothing” (for wrinkles), “brightening” (for age spots), and “vitalizing” (for all of the above) will be more frequent in both ad copy and our vocabularies.

    Maye Musk models for CoverGirl

    Maye Musk models for CoverGirl

    2. We will see more wrinkles in advertising. With all the announcements that stores and companies will stop altering photos for beauty products, we’ll be seeing more wrinkles in photos, at least for the time being. Having been on set for lots of photo shoots, I can attest that, even with makeup, lighting, and great photography, there are still a few wrinkles left on most photos. Whether the consuming public will actually like these photos will be interesting to note – seeing Maye Musk in CoverGirl ads, with the absolute perfect amount of photo post-production, is heavenly. Sometimes, we really do just like to look at pretty photos.

    3. It will be all about us. No, really. Looking for skincare to address specific anti-aging concerns can be a beast. But there are new companies developing skin care to match specific genetic traits – SKINSHIFT is one of the first to offer skin care and supplement regimens based on DNA testing, and it won’t be the last. There’s no word on how many skin care concerns DNA testing can address at this point, but the list will definitely grow.

    Telomere Shortening

    Telomere Shortening

    4. We will be wondering about our telomeres. One big breakthrough in anti-aging science is the discovery of the role telomeres have in aging and energy. These protective caps on the ends of individual strands of DNA shorten as we age, and scientists are looking for ways to keep them (and our DNA) intact. So far, specific supplement answers are elusive, but common-sense wellness habits like exercise, stress reduction, and getting a good night’s sleep help keep them long and strong.

    5. We will be trying new diets. Yeah, I know. But a lot of cosmetic aging has to do with lifestyle in general, and it’s those who eat well that usually look great in later life. If you look around, there is a new “look great forever” diet every week, which is either completely discouraging, or completely fab. If you subscribe to the notion that one diet is right for everyone, this environment will give you whiplash, but since I usually take one good, useable hack from every diet book I read, this plethora of dietary experiments helps me to make sense of the historically unusual situation where my food chases me.

    NuFACE and Attachments

    NuFACE and Attachments

    6. We will be using more electricity. Beauty gadgets are absurd, yet they are also wonderful. I know this as a happy IPL, NuFACE, and Clarisonic user. There are so many other gadgets I like, but I am lazy, so my regular use is limited to just a few. But seriously, there are so many micro treatments we just don’t want to leave the house for, and home gadgets are here for us. Microblading, Light Therapy for acne and/or wrinkles, and probably a few more coming in 2018.

    7. We’ll give up some privacy to let our devices do some of the work for us. I haven’t gotten a home assistant – I don’t even use Siri. Somehow, having a Smart Home seems like too much surveillance to me. But as these platforms develop, beauty personal assistants will be built into some of them. I’m not sure if they will remind us to exfoliate, or just let us know what the weather is like so we’ll know what hair products to use that morning. But as the capabilities grow, I’ll be more tempted…

    All Natural!

    All Natural!

    8. We’ll go even more natural. Organic and all-natural skincare is moving further into makeup, and we’ll be looking to swap out more of our “regular” products for organic ones. Also, we’ll want more natural oils which nourish the skin as well as provide surface benefits.

    9. We’ll also go less natural. Long-lasting products are a boon to our busy lives, but they are not natural. Nor are some of the smoothing products. So we will be balancing our natural and non-natural products.

    Tropical Escape

    Tropical Escape

    10. We’ll need to unplug all of this. Sometimes all this progress gets too stressful, and unplugging from all of it is the only answer. So if you get the opportunity to run off to a deserted isle and live in a bungalow, take it! And if you have FOMO for the modern world, just remember: the stress relief is probably good for your telomeres.


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