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    Come Join Wild Beauty’s First Live Video Event!

    February 18, 2014
    Stamped Lips, c. 1959, Andy Warhol.

    Stamped Lips, c. 1959, Andy Warhol.

    Hi Wild Beauties!

    Yes, I know I’ve been an infrequent blogger. There are reasons for this:

    I get busy.

    I get distracted.

    But mostly, I get tired of sitting alone in my room. I’m a “social” creative – it’s why I like working with photo or video crews more than, say, facing a blank canvas in a painting studio.

    I started Wild Beauty to expand the cultural conversation about beauty – to bring my voice into it. And I’m very happy to find that I’m not the only person who’s interested in all of this.

    But more has happened along the way – I’ve expanded my own perceptions of beauty, as more bloggers have shared their opinions and experiments via the web.

    I recently had the opportunity to submit a proposal for Social Media Week, and I proposed an online panel about this expansion of the beauty conversation through peer-to-peer media. My proposal didn’t quite make the cut, and being invited to HuffPost Live to talk about wearing red lipstick last week, while fun, was not quite enough of a cosmic consolation prize:



    So I’m going rogue – taking the airwaves. And I want you to join me.

    I’m looking for beauty bloggers, both traditional and alternative, to speak to this question:


    How Has Social Media Affected Your Concepts of Beauty?

    Has your concept of beauty – your own or others – changed through interacting with others on social media? Have you radically changed any beauty practices as a result of what you’ve found via bloggers or beauty boards?


    The First event is this Thursday, February 20, at 2:00 PM EST. There are two ways to participate:

    Watch: The event already has a YouTube page: , and I’ll have it steaming on its own post here as well. Easy peasy – just show up. Or watch it later.

    Join the Conversation: Has social media changed the way you see (or practice) beauty? Want to share? Send me an email at meli(dot)pennington(at)wildbeautyworld(dot)com. I can invite as many as nine other people to actively participate. I’m hosting the event through Google Hangouts, so you’ll need a Google Plus account. You’ll also need to be available about a half hour before the event to make sure your connection, camera and sound are working.

    I’m hoping you’ll all join me – it should be fun! It could also be quite messy (which is a certain kind of fun in itself…) And if it’s good, we can be sure to do it again!