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    Other People’s Makeup: Susan Giordano

    June 18, 2013

    susan_giordano“I’d call my look ‘easy glamour’. I like glamour, but with a minimum of fuss. I can do an everyday glamorous face in five minutes. And I can show others how to do it too!”


    Susan Giordano was an early student of glamour: “My aunt was an Avon Lady, and she used to let me play with her kit. All of the women in my family were glamour pusses – they were always all dolled up.”


    As a professional makeup artist for over twenty years, (now with her own product line and storefront in Hastings, New York), Susan has tricks for every woman. But what’s in her bag?


    “The main bag is for my everyday face. I always say “I want my everyday face in one place”. There’s a lot of my favorites – you can see how tiny some of the pencils are! I have another bag for lashes and other special items. I love little brushes – I have these favorites from Duane Reade, I don’t know what I’d do without them.”


    “I started sneaking in makeup when I was about 13 – remember Cosmetique? Those boxes of makeup they’d send? I had a pearl white cream from them, I thought it was natural enough to fool the nuns at school – I was wrong!” she laughs.


    And like many of us, Susan hates to part with old favorites: “I have a sickness – I cannot throw makeup away. I even teach other women how to clean out their makeup bags, but I have shadows from maybe even the early eighties.” And for her professional kit she has favorites, too: “I don’t trust makeup artists who have all new stuff – if you’ve been working, you have some tricks in there. It’s not all about the new.”
    She’s also a fan of getting the right product at the right price: “The bottom line is: does it work? Some things work for sixty dollars, others you can get for three dollars. Do you look good at the end of it all? Yeah, I think I do!”


    And how does this translate into having her own line and store? “I knew I always wanted to create a makeup line, but I didn’t know how I would do it. I moved up here a few years ago, and found this space. I designed colors based on the colors I mix on the back of my hand. What’s great about having a store is that I wanted to recreated the glamour of beauty shopping, but make it accessible as well. And you’ve got me – an accredited makeup expert – there as well, which is unusual – I mean, when you call Bobbi Brown Cosmetics up, she doesn’t answer the phone!”


    Here’s more of Susan’s interview, in Wild Beauty’s first original video piece:


    Susan Giordano – Other People’s Makeup Interview for Wild Beauty from Wild Beauty on Vimeo.



    Be sure to visit Susan’s site, Giordano Beauty, or her store in Hastings, New York!


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