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    Permanent Hair Removal at Home? An Update + Giveaway on the Veet Infini’Silk

    December 8, 2014
    Win your own Veet Infini'Silk Pro! Details below...

    Win your own Veet Infini’Silk Pro! Details below…

    Can permanent Hair Removal happen at home? With new devices gaining approval from the FDA and hitting the market, the answer might be yes.

    Over the summer, Veet sent me one of their new Infini’Silk Ipl devices to try, and I wrote about many of the fears I had with having a salon-strength device at home.

    My Fears of Using Veet Infini’Silk

    What was I afraid of? Well, first I was afraid that it would hurt. And I was also afraid because it was summer, and I was out at the beach – light-based hair removal is a no-no on tanned skin, and for good reason. Light-based hair removal technology relies on the contrast between paler skin and darker hair, which is why most of these devices won’t work for those with darker skin tones. Or redheads.

    But for those of us with paler skin and dark hair this could be awesome. So even before my tan completely faded, I decided to start testing the device on an area that doesn’t tan – my underarms. Well, one at least – I decided to work on one but not the other, to see if there was any difference.

    The Hair Removal Process

    Keep in mind that this is not an instant process. A normal hair growth cycle takes 18-24 months, and new hairs come up in that time as well. The Infini’Silk treatments, like any IPL or even laser treatments, are done over the course of several months. So I would be looking to see if there was a reduction of hair. The guide suggests the first four treatments be done every other week. I thought I would either do that or do cheap cialis from uk them every week – mostly because it’s easier to remember. But first I had to see if they were painful.

    The underarm area is really sensitive! I was worried about the pain. But the treatment was surprisingly painless. I could feel the heat, and at level 5 would notice a little sting on some areas. But nothing that would stop me from doing another treatment. There was a little sensitivity afterwards – I’d wait about 20-30 minutes before putting on a close-fitting shirt.

    There is a smell of burning hair, though. Which I don’t really mind – it makes me think that it’s working. And it makes me glad that there’s a safety feature that stops the device’s usage on visit web site skin that’s too dark. You won’t want to use this on any areas with moles, either.

    Results Using the Veet Infini’Silk

    I’ve done four treatments so far, with the first two a week apart, and the others two weeks apart. Not a full several-month treatment, but I am already seeing results – my left underarm has about 15% less visible hair. The Infini’Silk, along with other light-based hair removal methods, does not promise full removal. But even if brightly dyed armpit hair is a thing now, I think I’ll keep on with my removal. Call me old-fashioned.

    WIN an Infini’Silk Pro for Yourself!

    My experience with the Infini’Silk has been a good one, and I’ll be continuing my use of the device through the winter. I mentioned in my earlier post that winter is an ideal time to start the look here process, since day trips to the beach are less frequent. Now Veet is offering a giveaway Infini’Silk Pro, which is the advanced version of what I used. Advanced how? It’s a sturdier device, with interchangeable light cartridges. So you can share with a friend (there are two in the kit) and even buy replacement cartridges. It also looks cooler, like a Star Trek weapon, whereas the original looks more like a computer mouse on steroids. The technology and power are the same, though I suspect the Pro will last longer.

    A few details: Contest open to residents aged 18 or over, from the United States only. The prize will be sent to the winner by representatives of Veet. The winner is responsible for safe use of the product. The contest ends December 29, 2014. Good Luck!

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    Can’t Wait? Check out the Veet Infini’Silk Pro Light-Based Ipl Hair Removal System For Home Use At Infini’


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