fashionable_loungeThe Fashionable Lounge:  November 2013.

“Beauty is intimately linked with culture – everywhere and at all times. What is considered beautiful has to do with history, economics, technology, trade, geography, and even religion. We humans were wearing makeup and beads before we were using metal tools. It is superficial, in that it’s an outer layer and decorative, but what is beautiful in a culture speaks volumes about that culture.” “Makeup Artist Meli Pennington and her Wild Beauty.




Ziba By Nature: September 2013.

“Well, there’s two (favorite) things. The first is that I get paid to make something beautiful. And making things more beautiful makes me happy. The second is it's cool that I’ve gone to so many places, even within New York city, like billionaires’ duplexes in Park Avenue and abandoned mansions and mining towns and all these weird places and things about the world that you would never get to see while working in an office.” “So You Want To Be A Makeup Artist! Thoughts On What It’s Like, By A Real Makeup Artist.




Fel’s Got Swag: January 2013.

“Makeup and beauty are so intertwined with other things: culture, history, technology, even philosophy. People stereotype it as just putting stuff on follow link a face, but for those of us who are deep in it, it can be a starting point for all kinds of creative projects.” “Go Take A Bath, + Other Creative Thoughts: Meli Pennington from Wild Beauty.



Trends VIP: October 2012.

“We humans were wearing makeup before we were using metal tools! I know that vanity can be taken too far, especially when we have enough leisure time and money to become obsessed. But a certain amount of self-care and wanting to look good is appropriate and part of our human nature. And it’s fun too!” “Interview – NYC Makeup Artist Meli Pennington.”




HuffPostLive: October, 2012.

How does globalization affect the beauty industry? Does it depersonalize us or could it “repersonalize” us? James Poulos, who covers politics and culture at Forbes, hosted this talk at Huffington Post, asking questions about organics, global beauty standards, the rise in beauty spending, and whether men should be wearing makeup. “Billion Dollar Beauty.”




The Beheld: September, 2012

“Check out Wild Beauty, a blog from makeup artist Meli Pennington, stat, whose commentary is sharp, feminist, and always on-point. ” “Beauty Blogosphere 9.7.12




The Atlantic: September, 2012

“They’re definitely pandering to a male audience,” says Meli Pennington, a makeup artist who runs a blog called Wild Beauty. Also, cable-news viewers tend to be older, so Fox may be specifically catering to the sensibilities of low cost levitra older men, she posits, by making women a little “brighter.” She means this literally. “You think of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends,” she says: “As he got older, they all get brighter and blonder. Look at Anna Nicole Smith. It’s like the large-print edition of women.”

Pennington’s fascination with the women of Fox goes beyond makeup. “It’s that little scowling look they give you when they’re delivering the news,” she continued. “It’s like the bitchy girl in high school, [but]now she’s your friend, and you hate the same people.”  “Foxy Ladies: Why One Network Applies so much Makeup



The Grindstone: August 6, 2012

“Meli Pennington, an editorial makeup artist and editor at Wild Beauty, told The Grindstone: “The answer is: no, no, no ­ the scrunchie is for the gym, or the mall. It basically makes any grown woman look like a teenager, or as if she’s in her pajamas.” “So Is This Scrunchie Thing Like Actually Happening?



Kay Montano: July 12, 2012

“My ‘best beauty blogger’ award by far goes to excellent NY make-up artist by day, beauty blogger when-she-can Meli Pennington at Wild Beauty!” @kaymontano.



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