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    Beauty Bytes: February 22, 2013

    February 22, 2013


    File under “It took me hours to look this casual”: Los Angeles carpenter Johnny Harrington had been growing his beard on-and-off-again for years, but since the 32 year old was spotted by a modelling agency, his “urban woodsman” look has gone viral. Now that he’s been chosen as the face of U.K. department store John Lewis, he’s admitted that the “hobo-chic” look isn’t as easy to keep up as it seems. He tells the London Evening Standard: “I absolutely love my beard and I try to take good care of it, wash it, condition it and always brush before bedtime. And I try to watch out when eating soup in public.” London Evening Standard.


    The Oscars are coming! Which means loads of Oscar-themed beauty articles. But there’s also a beauty treatment up for an Academy Award. Mondays at Racine is a documentary film that follows cancer patients who are treated to free beauty treatments at a Long Island salon. Cynthia Sansone and Rachel DeMolfetto – the two sisters who own the salon – started this once a month service after their mother had passed away from breast cancer. As one of the more startling effects of cancer treatment (and, as the filmmakers discover, one of the most feared) is hair loss, the sisters find that their services are a vital part of increasing not just comfort, but also openness and dialogue among the cancer patients they see. ABC News.


    Ok, now for the Oscar beauty trash talk: as part of the “swag”, Academy Award nominees are “offered” various weird beauty treatments, and since news outlets can throw a photo of Angelina Jolie up there with what”s been “offered”, there’s lot’s of publicity available to innovators of spurious beauty treatments. On offer this year? Wrinkle fillers mixed with the patient’s own blood, bull’s testicles incorporated into hair conditioning treatments, and carats and carats worth of black diamond bits blended into nail polish. After all, you needed your glitter nails to incorporate the blood of small boys, didn’t you? USA Today.


    I’m big enough to admit that I’ve learned a thing or two from amateur beauty videos, but sometimes aspiring beauty gurus should practice before they preach. Tori Locklear demonstrates why you don’t want to hold the curl for 20 seconds or longer by burning a section of her hair off…on video. Telegraph.


    Glamour‘s Girls in the Beauty Department are far more successful on Pinterest, where they find ingenious solutions to beauty organizing problems. A bobby-pin magnet inside the makeup drawer? Why didn’t I think of that? Glamour.


    Emboldened by her one-month foray into wearing red lipstick, Courtney at Those Graces is going to attempt wearing it for a full year. We red lipstick wearers have enticed another into our coven, muahahaha! Those Graces.



    In Pictures: Beyond Buckskin is going beyond e-commerce: they’re publishing a lookbook to highlight the range of Native American artists and apparel designers working today. The book, which is Native produced, designed, photographed and modelled, will be available on March 12, but you can preview pictures (and preorder the book) on their site. Beyond Buckskin.