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    Video: Social Beauty: How Does Social Media Affect Your Beauty Practices?

    February 20, 2014

    1961531_10151867267885997_934095061_nHere it is, video of the first live event – I can’t yet watch it (like almost every off-camera professional, I hate watching myself in video.) But that will pass, and I’ve already learned two valuable lessons: keep a toggle screen to reinvite guests whose connections drop (Tifini, I owe you!), and that index cards do not make an acceptable substitute for a teleprompter. But if you forgive my searching-for-stars-in-the-universe demeanor while opening the piece, you’ll see that my guests have a lot to say.


    And that was one big point of having this hangout – among the random thoughts going on in my head while I was putting this together was that I wanted to provide a platform for people to articulate their points without worrying about 30-second soundbites. In that, I succeeded.


    But enough about me – thanks to my guests:

    Autumn Whitefield-Madrano from The Beheld, the leading feminist site about
    beauty and what it means.

    Desi K. Robinson: Producer/Creator/Host of Women In The Making: Tomorrow’s History Today, a radio show speaking to and from the perspective of today’s

    Tifini Lewis: Beauty Expert, Salon Owner, and host of TheophaniStyle, a site exploring beauty, style, art, and culture.

    Has social media changed the way you see beauty? Has it taught you new ways to create beauty? Or maybe it’s enabled you to see your own beauty in a different way? Here is the video of our discussion on the progress, pitfalls, and possibilities of recognizing our beauty through social media:


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